Event Description

How about celebrating Friday Night with a party that will take you back to the Roaring 20’s and recreate the feeling of days gone by? Omicon Entertainment is giving you just that with Cirque Friday - The Gatsby Edition.

With the bar in full swing and floating rounds of cocktails permeate the room, the air will be alive with chatter and laughter. As the night progresses introductions will be forgotten and enthusiastic meetings will occur between strangers.

About Us and Background

In spring of 2010, completing his first year of college, Kazi Ali was on a quest to throw his first party. He understood that it would be more profitable to host his own events than promote parties for others. Being his ambitious self, Kazi focused on forming a small team of event planning professionals and promoters with an idea of combining knowledge and skills to introduce creative approaches to the events industry. Instead of just throwing a party, Kazi took it to the next level. With an immense passion for college nightlife events and creating more opportunity for peers to network and grow, this business savvy entrepreneur, Kazi Sorrentino, was inspired to self promote his events as well as make a name for himself.

Pulling in over 600 guests to his first event, he was fueled to continue this business with much success. Bringing in numbers that consistently reached the thousands over the next few months, it was vital that these events be recognized by a brand. Shortly thereafter, the creation of his first company, Vanity Tour, was born. Putting together inimitable and phenomenal events time and time again, Kazi was well on his way to capitalizing from the market he had taken over.

Continuing with his endeavors, Kazi came up with multiple imaginative ideas for events, making him receive attention in both negative and positive aspects. Such aspects included negative attention from authorities and news outlets, but this did not deter Kazi or his company. Instead, he took it in a positive manner and comprehended that the publicity would further aid him. Kazi was indeed correct as he soon found the attention of Omicon Inc., an international conglomerate corporation, which was interested in adding Kazi’s company to their umbrella of companies.

Omicon Entertainment Inc. was soon produced and is now the leading source of many great people and entertainment brands, from iconic entertainment properties, such as, “I’m Shmacked” and “Electric Flurry” to a growing roster of global producing partners.

Today, we are a subsidiary of Omicon Inc., operating from Wall Street in NYC and employing full time event professionals. Our proficiency, vision, intuition and creativity propel our team to reach more fans across all media platforms in order to deliver a better significance to entertainment culture.

Gifted and talented creators of original and iconic event ideas alike trust us to use their brands to their highest potential. As we move forward, we will continue to discover, craft and cultivate the next generation of events and the next prodigious ways to drive them even further.